You’re an expert in the real estate industry.   You love nothing better than listing and then selling a property for a client, getting them a great price and picking up referral business from their family and friends along the way.

But you want more of this.  More of the thrill of the sale.  More delighted clients.  More solid, steady income.  So how do you get your message out to a whole new world of potential new clients?  How do you let them know what makes you their best choice for selling?

You become a high flyer.  That’s right.  A high flyer – using high quality flyers to take your business into the stratosphere!

We’ve all heard of letterbox dropping.  People walk the streets, putting a plethora of advertising material – the good, the bad and the ugly – into the letterboxes of thousands of homes, where more often than not the material ends up in a recycle bin.

Out of the box decisions

People make instant decisions about the advertising flyers they receive in their letterboxes.  If a flyer looks tacky, is badly worded, is folded carelessly or is too in-your-face, it’s tossed away most the time, unless it fills a very rare need for a recipient.

But if a flyer looks beautiful and eye-catching in a positive way, is printed on quality card stock, with a message that’s of interest to them or someone they know, they may take it inside to read or keep.

So think of a letterbox as the entrance to a potential sale.  Think of it as the means for you to be invited into thousands of homes.  Homes where you have an endless supply of leads for new business.

Cost effective but personal

Flyers and letterboxes are made for each other.  But they are an often-overlooked way of reaching potential clients you’d never otherwise meet.  They are cost effective and quick to reach their targets.  You can have many hundreds (or even thousands) designed, printed and delivered for you almost faster than a speeding bullet.  And when your flyer makes it into a home, it has a great chance of fulfilling its purpose, effortlessly.  Run regular flyer campaigns and you’ll soon become the go-to real estate agent in your area.

Call on the experts

The best way to do that is to ensure that any advertising material you use is designed by experts, printed on high quality card stock, has compelling copy and appealing images – but not too much copy or too many images.  And last, but not least, your contact details should be clearly visible.  And that means mobile number, website, office number and office street address – and your photo of course.  One where you look professional but also friendly and approachable.

It goes without saying that your flyer copy must be accurate.  No spelling mistakes. No grammatical boo boos. No errors in punctuation. Careless mistakes imply that you and the company you represent don’t value potential clients enough to go to the trouble of making sure your material is error-free.  Your flyer should be an extension of your own personal business card and it should work a lot harder for you.

Designline Graphics to your rescue

We intimately understand the power and potential of a great flyer. We also understand your business. We’ve spent years designing and printing brilliant flyers that generate great results. And our specialty is the real estate market.

So when you want a high flying flyer, we’re here for you.  We’re the flyer alchemists.  In go your images. In go your contact details. In goes your copy. And Abracadabra– out comes a truly inspired flyer, ready to spread your message to letterboxes far and wide.

Not only do we design and print the best damned flyers in the business, but for you, our graphic design component is FREE.  That’s right.  Free, expert, graphic design.

But wait, there’s more…

We also have access to teams of LDs (Letterbox Distributors) waiting to post your flyers into letterboxes across the nation, if that’s how big you want your business to be. Of course, they can be as local as you want – it’s entirely up to you.

So call us now for a high flying deal to help your business fly.